12 Top electric vehicles Stocks, Can’t Wait to Buy – best to buy right now

12 Top electric vehicles Stocks, Can’t Wait to Buy – best to buy right now

With the rise in electric vehicle (EV) ownership comes a new wave of investment opportunities. And as with any new industry, there are always a few early movers that tend to reap the most rewards. So, if you’re looking to get in on the action and want to know which electric vehicle stocks are the best to buy right now, here are 12 of the top picks from some of the most trusted financial advisors.

1. NIO (NIO)

There’s no doubt that electric vehicles are the future of transportation. With advances in technology and an increase in public awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles, it’s only a matter of time before they become the norm.

However, with so many different electric vehicle stocks on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to buy right now. Fortunately, there are plenty of stock picking experts out there who can help you make the right decision.

Here are some of the top electric vehicle stocks that experts say are worth investing in right now:

NIO is one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles in China. The company has been growing rapidly, thanks to strong demand for its products. In addition, NIO has a number of exciting new products in development, including autonomous vehicles. This makes it a great long-term investment for those looking to profit from the growth of the electric vehicle industry.

Tesla is probably the most well-known electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. The company has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry, and its products have consistently received rave reviews from customers and critics alike. Tesla’s share price has been volatile in recent years, but many experts believe it still has considerable upside potential.

2. BYD (BYD)

BYD is one of the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers. The company has a strong presence in China, the world’s largest market for electric vehicles. BYD is also a leader in battery technology, and its products are used in a variety of applications including electric buses and cars.

BYD’s share price has been on a roll in recent years, and the company is well-positioned to continue benefiting from the global shift to electric vehicles. I believe BYD is a great long-term investment, and I’m looking forward to adding the stock to my portfolio.

3. Fisker (FSR)

Fisker is an American electric vehicle manufacturer founded in 2007. The company’s first car, the Fisker Karma, was delivered to customers in 2011. The Karma was followed by the Fisker Atlantic, which was unveiled in 2012 but never entered production. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and was acquired by Chinese auto parts supplier Wanxiang Group in 2014.

Fisker resumed production of the Karma in 2016 under the new name “Karma Automotive.” The company plans to launch a new electric car, the Fisker EMotion, in 2019.

The Fisker Karma is a luxury plug-in hybrid sports sedan with a range of up to 300 miles on a full charge and gas tank. The car has a base price of $130,000.

The Fisker Atlantic is a 4-door sedan that was designed as a more affordable alternative to the Karma. The Atlantic was priced at $55,000 before it was discontinued.

The Fisker EMotion is an all-electric luxury sedan with a range of 400 miles on a single charge. The car will be priced at $129,900.

4. Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla is one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers in the world and has been at the forefront of the industry for many years. The company’s products are some of the most popular on the market and its share price has grown significantly in recent years. Tesla’s stock is a great choice for investors who are looking to get involved in the electric vehicle industry.

5. Nikola (NKLA)

Nikola Corporation is an American electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company designs and manufactures zero-emission hydrogen-electric vehicles, electric vehicle drivetrains, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging stations. Nikola also plans to build a network of hydrogen refueling stations across the United States.

Nikola was founded in 2014 by Trevor Milton, who served as the company’s CEO until his resignation in September 2020. In December 2020, the company appointed Mark Russell as its new CEO.

Nikola went public through a reverse merger with VectoIQ Acquisition Corp. in June 2020 and is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the ticker symbol NKLA.

As of December 2020, Nikola has a market capitalization of $13.6 billion.

6. Canoo Holdings (GOEV) 

Canoo Holdings is an interesting electric vehicle stock that I believe is undervalued and has a lot of potential. The company is currently working on several innovative EV projects, including a partnership with Hyundai to develop a new electric SUV. Canoo Holdings also has a strong management team with a lot of experience in the automotive industry. I believe this makes it a great long-term investment in the electric vehicle space.

7. Lordstown Motors (RIDE)

Lordstown Motors is an electric vehicle manufacturer that was founded in 2016. The company is based in Ohio, United States. As of September 2020, Lordstown Motors has a market capitalization of $1.58 billion.

The company’s first product is the Endurance, an all-electric pickup truck which is set to be released in 2021. The Endurance has a range of 250 miles and a starting price of $52,500.

In June 2020, Lordstown Motors entered into a joint venture with General Motors (GM) to produce electric vehicles at GM’s former assembly plant in Ohio. The joint venture will result in the creation of over 2,000 jobs.

Lordstown Motors has received investment from several notable figures, including Steve Girsky (a former vice chairman of GM) and Patrick Lawler (a partner at Blackstone Group).

8. Workhorse Group (WKH)

The Workhorse Group is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles and aircraft. Founded in 2007, the company has a strong history of innovation and a commitment to sustainable transportation. Its products include the Workhorse W-15 pickup truck, the C-Series delivery van, and the R-Series cargo truck. The company also manufactures electric bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles.

Workhorse has a strong market presence in the United States and Europe, and its products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker symbol WKHS.

9. Li Auto (LI)

Li Auto Inc. is a China-based company, principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sale of smart electric vehicles. The Company offers SUV-type automobiles under the Li ONE brand. It distributes its products in China.

10 .Xpeng (XPEV)

Advisors Picks: Top electric vehicles Stocks I Can’t Wait to Buy – best to buy right now

If you are looking for an up-and-coming electric vehicle stock, look no further than Xpeng. The Chinese company went public on the Nasdaq in August 2020 and has since seen its stock price more than quadruple.

The company is currently in the process of ramping up production of its first mass-market EV, the G3 SUV. With a starting price of just over $50,000, the G3 is competitively priced against other premium EVs on the market such as the Tesla Model Y and Audi e-tron SUV.

Xpeng is also working on developing autonomous driving technology and has plans to launch a self-driving car in 2021. The company has already raised over $2 billion from investors including Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) and Sequoia Capital China.

11. TerraCom (TERCF)

If you’re looking for an electric vehicle stock that’s on the rise, TerraCom is a great option. The company’s stock has been climbing steadily over the past year, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

TerraCom is a leading provider of electric vehicles and charging solutions. The company offers a wide range of products, including electric cars, scooters, and bicycles. TerraCom also provides charging stations for businesses and homes.

The company’s products are popular among consumers and businesses alike. TerraCom’s electric cars have been praised for their performance, while its charging solutions are some of the most efficient on the market.

In addition to its strong product offerings, TerraCom has a solid financial foundation. The company has a strong balance sheet and is profitable. TerraCom also has a strong track record of revenue growth.

Overall, TerraCom is a well-rounded company that is poised for continued success in the electric vehicle market. If you’re looking for an electric vehicle stock to buy right now, TerraCom should be high on your list.

12. Kandi Technologies (KANDI)

Now that we’re in the thick of summer, electric vehicle (EV) stocks are starting to heat up. And with good reason – according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, EV sales are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 30% through 2025, while traditional vehicle sales are expected to decline by 5%.

In other words, if you’re looking for growth in the automotive sector, EVs are where it’s at. With that in mind, here are three EV stocks that I’m excited about right now.

Based in China, Kandi Technologies is a manufacturer of electric vehicles and EV parts and components. The company has been working with Geely Holding Group – one of China’s largest automakers – since 2015, and together they have developed a range of vehicles, including an all-electric SUV that was launched earlier this year.

Kandi is also working on expanding its business beyond China. In May 2018, the company announced plans to enter the U.S. market through a joint venture with New Jersey-based Mullen Technologies. The joint venture will manufacture EVs for the U.S. market at Mullen’s facility in California, with production expected to start in 2019.